Of Might and Magik

Uninvited Guests

A concerning sight lay spread out before him, the wrecked ship halfway up the cliff face was crawling with people assessing the damage and off-loading supplies. Even from his distant vantage point he could tell that unless they had some powerful magic with them these people were not going anywhere soon. A cloud of concern drifted over his face as he considered the ramifications. The goblins would be be beside themselves with glee when they found this new plaything.

It could have been worse, he thought. They could have landed on the eastern shore. That would have been a recipe for a massacre. If the rumors of the activity along the northern peninsula were true, then it was quite lucky they did not land there either. The haunted cove would have been terrible, he could still hear the screams of the last ship crew to land there. Really, as bad as it seemed, this ship crew might actually have a chance. He would need to watch them, to see if they may be worth aiding.


sintaqx sintaqx

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