Of Might and Magik

The wind beneath his wings

Today was going to be special, Frielvig be praised. Today she was to be allowed to take the beast out, to soar above the mountains, and to rain death and destruction down on the savages that inexplicably continued to struggle against all logic and reason. One of their towns had been discovered by scouts and the honor fell to her to remove it.

The preflight check was always one of her favorite parts of any flight. The order that surrounded that activity was strangely refreshing from the chaos of normal city life. Her fingertips ran over the smooth, supple skin of the great beast, feeling the pulse of life contained within. She checked the payload release, ensuring that critical piece was functioning properly, and began to giggle. The little barbarians wouldn’t know what hit them.

The great beast strained against the morning breeze, aching to be released from its restraints. Beneath it crawled the tiny figures it served, strapping a basket containing vials of explosive death to its belly. Finally one of the creatures gave the order and its shackles were released. Slowly, ponderously the beast rose, straining against the massive weight imparted upon it by its masters. Today was going to be special.


sintaqx sintaqx

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